Spring Fling Tour Specials

As many of you know, I absolutely love to travel. In January and February I got a few miles under my belt, met a few interesting people, and had a lot of fun, both during the sexy times and conversing over dinner.

I have an opportunity in my civi life to work remotely. When I figured this out I decided to go on my first extended tour. For this first trip I am going to do 3-4 months and thoroughly explore different states, and I hope to include some sexy time in each state. I have created a free PG OF for those of you who wish to follow along. GabbysTravelsXO Hope to see you there!


Exclusive offers for those of you who take the time to read my site and blog to get to know me a little better. I appreciate your time and support of my hard work, beyond the sexy parts. 

This spring April – June I will be crossing a few things off my travel bucket list while touring the North Eastern states. 


New Jersey

New York




New Hampshire



If you want to help me cross some items off of my fuck-it list, here are a few exclusives for you! 

(Pick One: Only ONE special per visit)


  • Extended Dinner Date – save $300


  • Activity Date – sexy time, activity, coffee, lunch, or dinner, intellectual conversation, and a little sexy time to top off our date (6-8 hours depending on the activity time needs) $1,000 plus souvenirs & admissions.


  • Travel Daddy Experience – want to be my travel daddy? Will you meet me in 2 or 3 different states along my tour and spend the entire day exploring the area, both in and outside of your room? We will fall asleep and wake up for a little breakfast in bed and a morning activity or coffee shop before we depart. Pricing depends on what our adventure will look like. Text me and we can chat more about it.
  • Quick n Sweet Special – 90 minutes and 2 hour experiences – $125 OFF when you bring me a $50 gift card to: Cracker Barrel, Panera Bread, or Walmart.


If you want to learn more, text me at the number located on my homepage. Let’s create your perfect experience that will enhance us both. 😉

Gabby is wearing a black tank top , ready for spring to arrive. She is smiling.
Gabby is ready to explore and have lots of fun! Are you ready to explore her Spring Fling Specials?


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Your first romantic tryst with an escort is special. That exciting feeling of meeting someone new and exploring their body is second best to playing with someone you are intimately familiar with. 

Of course, I love regular friends. Getting to know your body, what turns you on, what makes you rise to the occasion, what makes your eyes roll back into your head… Knowing someone over and over on an intimate level provides for an exciting and memorable experience. 

A Late Birthday Tryst with a Long-time Friend

We have known each other for several years. Each encounter has been different and unique in their own ways. From hot and steamy, multi-hour bedroom fun to dinner and drinks and everything in-between, we know each other well. 

For my birthday, he said it was all about me… and he literally meant that.

He had my favorite drinks waiting, ice cold Fiji water and Moscato wine with a few snacks. Bath and Body lavender massage oil and Dr Teals lavender bubble bath sat on the nightstand, letting me know what type of evening it was going to be. 

He asked me to get comfortable and lay on the bed. I happily obliged. Warming the massage oil in his hands before placing them on my body, he gave me a full body massage. Starting with the back and ending with the front. 

After my relaxing massage, he pulled a chair next to the bed to give me a massage in a more intimate sense. 

Literally an hour later, my legs shaking, he snuggled up next to me and lightly rubbed my back. He excused himself and disappeared into the bathroom. I heard the bath water running. He rubbed me down with bubbles and when I was finished he lotion’ed me up. In addition to all of this spoiling, he took me to dinner.

Bubble bath with a face mask, eye mask, loofa and beverages were ready for Gabby’s bath after an intimate tryst.

Above all, our tryst was all about me, start to finish centered my wants, needs and desires. After getting to know each other over time, he was able to devise an experience for me, knowing exactly what I needed to rest and relax. 

Regular Friends Make the Best Experiences

The excitement of meeting a known friend for another romantic rendezvous is an experience everyone should know. When your known friend is an escort, that usually removes the complications of dating and allows for an exciting intimate experience that allows you to get closer to your friend and explore outside of the typical sensual encounter. 

When you’re ready to experience more check out my website. MissGabrielleGFE.com

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Wax play is something I absolutely love to explore with known friends. Venturing into the kinky fantasies of friends I’ve spent time with is always a great experience. 

Before I will indulge in the kinky side of my friends, we must have an established relationship. Some kinks don’t require much previous time together, other kinks require a deep understanding of my play partner. 

Wax play is an experience we can have on our second meeting together. It requires little more than the basic knowledge of how my friend and I interact in an intimate setting. 

It’s good to learn everything you can about the specific kinks you are interested in. Safety and consent are important when delving into kinky scenarios. Equally important is the education on the specific kink to ensure the safety of your play partner as well as mutual satisfaction. 

Special Time Exploring with a Friend

We have known each other for several months. Our sensual experiences together are always phenomenal. He wanted to dip his toe into the wonderful world of kink and explore to see what turned him on as well as what plunged him deeper into mental enjoyment and relaxation. With each friend the goals and also the kinks will vary depending on each friend’s desires and curiosities. 

At our last meeting, over dinner we discussed the possibilities of exploration. He wanted to be restrained, however this form of kink for someone with little experience in the practice can be extreme. Instead of jumping off the deep end, we decided to start slow and eventually work our way up to restraints. 

Wax play was the perfect place to start for him. 

I arrived at his house and set up my paraffin wax gear. It takes a while for the wax to melt, so in the meantime we retreated to the kitchen and had a cup of coffee. It was late morning and I never like to indulge in sexy time with a full stomach. Instead of lunch, we opted for snacks that would satiate us without that heavy feeling of a meal. Cotton candy grapes, fresh mozzarella cheese and pepperoni worked perfectly. 

An hour later, our wax was almost ready.

Being that it was his first time experiencing wax play, I oiled him up first to make removal of the wax easier especially with a hairy chest. Rubbing his body down with baby oil would assure the easy removal of the wax when we were finished. (Please keep in mind that baby oil is not conducive with condom use, and any oil remaining in those hard areas should be washed off with soap and water before a condom is used.) 

After I finished rubbing down his body, stopping occasionally to tease him, it was time for our wax play experience. I started out with a spoon full of wax on his chest. He liked the sensation. Using different instruments to paint his chest, stomach and legs, I spent close to 30 minutes on my human canvas. 

Paraffin wax doesn’t get hot enough to burn the body. You can definitely feel the heat during wax play, without potential burns that can be harmful.

I spread hot wax all over his chest then immersed my hands into the wax so I could rub him down. I don’t divulge the spicy details in my blogs, but let’s just say for round one the oil and wax made for a great hand experience.

After we were finished, I peeled the wax from his body and washed him in the shower. It wasn’t long before we were back in bed, cuddling. 

Our experience lasted several hours and when we were out of energy and starving, we grabbed an early dinner and discussed our wax play experience and what he wanted to explore next. 


Gabby is smiling after a wax play experience
Wax play can be exciting.

Muse is one of the many identities full service sex workers can offer. Each escort has their own list of experiences they offer, from a one’done quickie to a sensual muse to help you achieve your goals and more.

One of my favorite experiences I have adapted to my list of services is a writing muse.

I do a little bit of everything from help with brainstorming to outlining your book while keeping you motivated to finish your goals using the most sensual tactics in existence.

Your experience will be customized to you depending on your needs and goals.

My most recent client who hired me as their writing muse, chose a 15 minute zoom consultation where he identified his main writing goal. We chatted about different things he enjoyed or would like to try above and beyond the writing itself. We discussed questions like “what helps you relax?” and “what stimulates your mind?”. 

After our discussion I was able to form a plan for our first meeting. 

The setting he chose was a hotel room with a view and a mini fridge. For meals we would do delivery or go out, depending on our progress and what we would be in the mood for. He filled the mini-fridge with pepperoni and various cubed cheeses, Moscato wine for me and Merlot for him and a half dozen Fiji waters. On top of the mini fridge sat a small bag of Ghirardelli next to 2 wine glasses. 

After our greetings we both slipped into something more comfortable. I turned on some classical music and turned the lights down. He laid on the bed on top of towels and I oiled him up and rubbed him down. 

Now he was ready to work on his writing plan. He was ready to work on something else also…but what better motivation is there than wanting to get to the sexy parts? We devised our evening schedule and goals. Then we got naked. 

We ordered take-out for dinner and ate at a park picnic table. As we ate we discussed goals and what could lead him to fail. When we identify possible roadblocks in advance, we can devise ways to avoid or minimize those blocks. 

After dinner we sat at the picnic table for another hour and he wrote an outline while I developed a plan on how to avoid his roadblocks. Parts of the plan included motivation, in the sexiest forms, and parts of the plan included writing ideas. 

Gabrielle is sitting at a picnic table planning with her friend who is not pictured.
Gabrielle is enjoying planning with her friend. Hiring a sensual muse can motivate you in ways that will blow your mind.

Heading back to the hotel to enjoy some wine and more naked, sexy time. Followed by a little snuggling and chatting about writing sex scenes for his novel.

Will hiring a muse help you achieve your goals?

Everyone’s needs are different. Some people need motivation. While others need direction. Occasionally people need to prioritize their own self in their life. Sometime people just need a little encouragement. At times people need constructive criticism. Many people who want to write a book never make their dream come true for many reasons. My job is to find those reasons and suck them out of you. (Both figuratively and physically.)

Your sexy muse experience will be 100% customized to you. Discussing goals and talking about your budget will allow us to devise a plan that is perfect, just for you. 

Fill out the contact form to get your experience started Click here to get our experience started. I can’t wait to slide you in.

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Escort experiences are an easy way to make your fantasy come true. We can provide a wide range of quality sessions from GFE (girlfriend experience) to more intricate arrangements to cater to your desires.

My favorite experience with new friends is the 2 hour session. This provides us enough time to enjoy each other and get to know each other on a deeper level. We can then determine if our chemistry was a match and decide if we should see each other again. 

If your chemistry isn’t a match there are plenty of beautiful companions who can cater to your future escort experiences. 

Personally, I’d rather see returning friends I have chemistry with. If we do not click during our first meeting, I will not see you again. This isn’t personal, we all aren’t going to be a match on an intimate level. 

Escort Experiences I Love

Favorite for first time friends – 2 hour experience – which includes 2 hours behind closed doors, a little chatting, a lot of sexy parts and even some snuggling. 

Favorite for returning friends – dinner date – we get to have all of the sexy and sensual parts and then enjoy a meal together. Second dessert is always a great end to this experience. 

Favorite spoil me experience – shopping date – I absolutely adore when a gentleman wants to take me shopping and spoil me a little, or a lot. Whether we shop for clothes and sexy outfits for me or shop to fulfill the needs of the outreach program I work with, it’s always a great time. And of course during the sexy parts, I get to model the sexy outfits we just picked out. 

Favorite sapiosexual experience – writing muse – this is one of those escort experiences that is 100% customized to your needs. My job is to keep you motivated so you reach your writing goals. Whether it be a blog or a book you want to write, I’ll guide you each step of the way. The rewards for each goal you achieve are the greatest motivator. 

There are many different escort experiences you can participate in. From the fundamental experience where you get to know each other intimately to a customized experience to fulfill your dreams, your bucket list of desires can be endless.

To learn more about the many escort experiences I offer, visit http://MissGabrielleGFE.com/rates

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Gabby is sitting on a bench. Her blue shirt reads "all in good time"

Philly Escort gets a shopping surprise!

I arrived for our overnight experience. He greeted me, his favorite Philly escort, with a kiss and then we discussed what our plan was. He had a few surprises for me that were unexpected. Before dinner we went shopping and he helped me find the perfect dress for our dinner and something sexy to wear for dessert. 

Gabby wearing a white dress with black print on it. Her hair is curled and a smile is above her white chunky bead necklace.
The perfect dress for a perfect experience.

We returned to the hotel for a little sexy time and then got ready for dinner. The dress was the perfect accompaniment to an already perfect date. We went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner before a nice long walk, hand in hand. Then we returned to the hotel for a second round of sexy time. 

Philly escort, Gabby, gets a delicious piece of smores cheesecake.
A sweet treat for a sweet Philly escort. S’mores cheesecake for the Cheesecake Factory makes the perfect before dessert, dessert.

I love getting new dresses and sexy bedroom attire. As a Philly escort, this is one of my favorite experiences. This was a surprise that was most certainly welcomed and appreciated. 

*Before you surprise your favorite provider with a shopping trip or any other surprises, make sure you know it is ok. My experience was with a friend I’ve seen many times before. The first time he took me shopping, he asked if it was okay, first. Ask for favorite stores or brands. Personally I am a fan of Ross, T.J. Maxx and similar discount stores. I don’t wear the same clothes often enough to buy more than a few expensive staple pieces, which I already own. 

There are many ways you can shop with your favorite provider:

  • Take us shopping
  • Send us a gift card/extra cash before your experience
  • Purchase from our wishlist
  • Purchase a recurring subscription shipment from IPSY similar beauty product companies
  • Purchase a spa pass for a massage, salt room therapy or other body care services
  • Purchase nail or hair gift cards (Make sure you check for favorites, many of us like the same technician to work on our nais/hair.)

The options are endless if you want to spoil your Philly escort above an beyond the minimum experience. 

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To spend time together during my birthday month, check out the experiences I offer and then text me at (445) 300-6090

Experiences: https://missgabriellegfe.com/rates/

Sometimes a dinner date can be a picnic dinner date including a sundress, a blanket and a picnic basket full of favorites. For a list of all experiences I offer, click here https://missgabriellegfe.com/rates/

Picnic Dinner Date in Philadelphia

First we stopped at a grocery store for finger foods – cheeses, sweet grapes and blueberry bars from the bakery. After we had more than enough food for our picnic, we drove about 20 minutes to a surprise park location. 

Schuylkill River Park is a park I have never visited before. A perfect spot picked by my friend. It has beautiful skyline views; I’m a sucker for skyline views. We found a perfect spot and put the blanket down and started our picnic. Learn more about this park https://www.fsrp.org/

Our picnic dinner date was breathtaking. The views, the conversation, the company were telling of the many adventures yet to come. 

We’ve have had many adventures and new experiences throughout the years. Our picnic dinner date is in the top ten most memorable moments with my friend. The more you get to know your favorite escort, the more intense your time together can be.

Gabrielle dressed in a sundress on a beautiful day for her dinner date.
Wearing a sexy sundress for our adventure.

Escort etiquette:

If you are planning a surprise excursion for your favorite provider, make sure you are not crossing any boundaries. If you’re unsure, please ask and we will let you know. Also, this can avoid any miscommunication and ensure that the activity you are planning is something you both will enjoy. 

Picnics, walks in the park before our dinner reservations, skyline views, waterfalls, history sites and so much more can be a favorite outdoor excursion for us. It’s always good to check in with me first, however, because I am not a fan of super hot and humid weather. I’d rather enjoy the outdoors on a cooler, in the 70’s, overcast day. Let your imagination run wild, but be sure to check with your favorite escort about the experience they feel comfortable with. 

A picnic dinner date, with a skyline view of Philadelphia, was a perfect touch to another meeting with a great friend. Check out my August news letter to see when I’ll be close to you https://open.substack.com/pub/gabriellemonroe/p/august-2023-newsletter?r=2jpvpo&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web 

A dinner date is my favorite way to get to know new friends! We get to combine dinner with lots of getting to know you conversation with the sexy behind closed doors parts, not necessarily in that order.

We met for dinner first, which is not my normal dinner date protocol. Dessert before dinner, then dinner and then a second dessert is unquestionably a steamy time.

I love being a luxury escort. Also, I love to let my hair down and relax as a casual escort. My new friend chose a casual escort dinner experience for our diner date. 

Our dinner date began with a long hug in the parking lot. 

He wanted to learn more about my motivational escort experience and how I might be able to help him achieve his goals. We met at Chipotle for dinner. We opened our notepads and began a deep discussion on my new friends needs. He wanted a writing coach, and in the past hired many writing coaches. However,  the writing coaches he hired didn’t inspire him. Additionally, he wanted a virtual muse to assist and motivate his writing. Undoubtedly, we devised a plan to fulfill all of his needs.

Dinner Date at Chipotle shows a rice bowl with lots of cheese and sour cream with a bonus noodle hanging out of the bowl.
Gabby enjoys her bowl at her dinner date to discuss motivational escort experiences.

This sounded amazing, especially the addition of virtual muse experiences. We customized an experience package to include his specific needs before we transitioned our dinner date to a more comfortable atmosphere. We headed to his place to grind out the significantly more sensual details of our dinner date.

After dinner date gold lingerie with panties and thigh highs.
Let’s get more comfortable after our dinner date.

(Check out my OnlyFans for more pics in this outfit) http://OnlyFans.com/TheGabrielleMonroe

Together with our in person experience, we meet virtually twice a week to go over progress and goals in detail. In return of reaching goals I send some sexy companion pics to his snapchat.

We reviewed the plan and I kissed him goodbye.

This is an exciting new adventure for me.

We connected during our dinner date and we connected for dessert, not to mention our chemistry was on fire. The connection needed for long term success was definitely there. We chatted about what he needed and how I could help. Now I get to know him virtually on a deeper level twice a week on Zoom. 

I do what I love, and love what I do. I really love my career and the interesting and inspiring friends I meet along the way. Are you ready to be my new friend? Without a doubt, we will have a great experience. https://missgabriellegfe.com/screening-form/

In 2019 I fell in love with my visits to Philly and decided to become a home-base Philadelphia escort.

I knocked on his door, and he was quick to answer. He led me to the kitchen where we grabbed a glass of wine and sat down to get to know each other. 

He had still sealed in the package cheeses and pepperoni sitting next to a box of club crackers. We snacked as we chatted over a cold glass of wine.

We mostly talked about travel and my adventures as a travel escort. I’ve been an escort from DC to an escort in Columbus to abs escort in Las Vegas and even an escort in San Diego. FMTY (fly me to you) experienced are one of my favorites, especially if it is to a destination I’ve yet to visit. I’ve traveled to 44 states and participated in escort tales in most of them. Being a Philadelphia escort is one of my favorites.

We shared our future luxury travel dreams. I want to sleep in an underwater hotel and see the northern lights, someday. Also, I want to experience outdoor excursions in the remaining 7 states I’ve yet to visit. 

After a refill on the wine, he was certainly ready for what was coming next. I stood up and invited him to bed. He grabbed my hand and followed me to enjoy his favorite snack of the evening.

Gabby is a Philadelphia escort who is climbing onto bed wearing a pair of plaid tight fitting business pants, and nothing else.

New experiences with new friends are amazing.

I love learning more about their experiences in life, love and their passions before we move to the bed for some new experiences of our own. Digging further into who my friends are is another level of intimacy I enjoy.

A snack and a glass of Moscato are the perfect accompaniment to our first in person, private conversation. It’s a good way to break the ice before we have even more fun. Let’s chat about our favorite wine choices when you book your experience.

Are you ready to experience something new for the first time with your next favorite Philadelphia escort? www.MissGabrielleGFE.com 

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