Dinner Date Turned Motivational Escort

A dinner date is my favorite way to get to know new friends! We get to combine dinner with lots of getting to know you conversation with the sexy behind closed doors parts, not necessarily in that order.

We met for dinner first, which is not my normal dinner date protocol. Dessert before dinner, then dinner and then a second dessert is unquestionably a steamy time.

I love being a luxury escort. Also, I love to let my hair down and relax as a casual escort. My new friend chose a casual escort dinner experience for our diner date. 

Our dinner date began with a long hug in the parking lot. 

He wanted to learn more about my motivational escort experience and how I might be able to help him achieve his goals. We met at Chipotle for dinner. We opened our notepads and began a deep discussion on my new friends needs. He wanted a writing coach, and in the past hired many writing coaches. However,  the writing coaches he hired didn’t inspire him. Additionally, he wanted a virtual muse to assist and motivate his writing. Undoubtedly, we devised a plan to fulfill all of his needs.

Dinner Date at Chipotle shows a rice bowl with lots of cheese and sour cream with a bonus noodle hanging out of the bowl.
Gabby enjoys her bowl at her dinner date to discuss motivational escort experiences.

This sounded amazing, especially the addition of virtual muse experiences. We customized an experience package to include his specific needs before we transitioned our dinner date to a more comfortable atmosphere. We headed to his place to grind out the significantly more sensual details of our dinner date.

After dinner date gold lingerie with panties and thigh highs.
Let’s get more comfortable after our dinner date.

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Together with our in person experience, we meet virtually twice a week to go over progress and goals in detail. In return of reaching goals I send some sexy companion pics to his snapchat.

We reviewed the plan and I kissed him goodbye.

This is an exciting new adventure for me.

We connected during our dinner date and we connected for dessert, not to mention our chemistry was on fire. The connection needed for long term success was definitely there. We chatted about what he needed and how I could help. Now I get to know him virtually on a deeper level twice a week on Zoom. 

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