Escort Cuddle Buddy for Your Needs

Have you considered an escort cuddle buddy? There are multiple reasons to try this experience. 

Why an escort cuddle buddy?

You can share your soul and we will listen without judgment. Connecting on a deeper level certainly is one of the best forms of intimacy. Sometimes it is easier to share when you’re cuddled skin to skin, with my head on your chest listing.

Touch is a basic human need as well as a desire. Sensual touch can also release tension and create intimacy. It can be especially difficult for men to achieve total relaxation. With an escort cuddle buddy you have a professional to allow you to let your walls down as we cuddle.

Additionally, you can use this time to achieve new goals, imagine new ideas or as my recent friend did, plan for an interview.

Mr. B uses the escort cuddle buddy experience to prepare for an interview!

We can be a bundle of nerves when it comes time for an interview, at least I know I can. Mr B. also agrees.

He filled out my screening form, in detail. After screening, I reached out to clarify his desires. Hiring someone to prepare for an interview was a new idea for him and a new experience for me as well. 

Generally, we get dressed up, practice our interview answers and head to the interview. In order to assure our success, we must be remembered by the interviewer.

This position was a long shot for Mr. B. He wanted to be sure he was the most important candidate for the job. However, his nerves were a little on edge.

In his followup email, he explained this and stated he believed hiring an escort cuddle buddy and preparing for the interview was equally important and he wanted to retain my services. 

The interview was scheduled for a Monday afternoon. 

Our experience began the morning of the interview. 

Of course, within minutes of my arrival, we took care of the sexy, fun parts of our time together. As much as he wanted to go for round two of sexy time, he decided it was time to cuddle.

Gabrielle is a Philadelphia and traveling escort cuddle buddy who is laying on a couch in a black bodysuit, thong style. she is laying on her stomach and smiling at the camera.

Snuggled against his body, my head on his chest, he shared his concerns with the upcoming interview. 

I listened as I gently stroked his chest. 

He began to explain point by point what he was most nervous about. 

I listened as I began to stroke his hair, his chest and reassured him for close to a half hour.

During this time, I learned that everything he was concerned about was due to a bad interview in the past. 

When we got up, he jumped in the shower. As he got dressed, I reminded him of all of the reasons that one interview didn’t define who he was regardless of what his nerves were telling him.

I helped him into his clothes, we chatted a little more and I reassured him that he was the absolute perfect man for this job. 

Keep your head up, smile, make eye contact, be attentive, and most importantly be confident in what you are bringing to the table. 

Our escort cuddle buddy experience ended with a sweet kiss and more than a ten second hug. Check out the positive effects of hugging here:’s%20true.,a%20hug%20has%20positive%20effect.

A few days later he sent word he got the job! Congratulations, babe!

There are many reasons to hire an escort cuddle buddy. 

Physical touch and intimacy makes the top of this list time and time again. Each request I have fulfilled for a cuddle buddy experience, the gentleman shares how he feels he is lacking adequate sensual touch in his life. As long as men are held to impossible, “manly” society standards, men will lack the benefits of intimacy through touch. All things considered, I don’t touch and tell. You are safe letting go with me.

Following closely behind is the need for connection. Similarly with hugging, sharing physical touch in a sensual manner exchanges our energies and refreshes our mind. 

Lastly, for this blog, hiring an escort cuddle buddy reduces stress and instills the confidence you desire to take you to the next level. 

Hire your favorite escort cuddle buddy today in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Cleveland, Columbus, Chicago, Indianapolis, St. Louis or a FMTY,

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