Motivational Escort – A Must Try

Hiring a motivational escort might not be an experience you have considered before. There are many benefits, including sexy motivation, as to why you should learn more and consider hiring a motivational escort for your writing needs.

According to a recent survey done by the New York Times, “81 percent of Americans feel they have a book in them — and that they should write it.”

I agree, you should write that book and let me help in the most sexy way.

Mr. A has long dreamed of checking this off his bucket list and completing his book. He had a great idea and spent a lot of time thinking about the main character and their love interest. 

There was a story inside him; he just needed a little motivation to lure the story out of him. He decided to hire me, a motivational escort with writing experience and a published book , to help with his journey.

Gabrielle is a motivational escort, helping coach clients during the process of writing their book.

Our weekend began with exchanging pleasantries and getting settled into the rental cabin about an hour outside of Philadelphia.

We sat down and went over our basic weekend schedule before heading to the store. Covering the benefits of a motivational escort, we had our plan ready to go.

Our basic schedule included a grocery store trip for supplies, writing coaching, sexy time, cooking dinner, wine as well as reviewing outlines and character worksheets, more sexy time, nature walks, relaxation in nature and more. 

Before we met, we hopped on Zoom and discussed goals and expectations. We also covered what works for relaxation, such as meditation, exercise/hiking, being in nature, massages and other relaxation techniques as well as expectations from both of us and what a motivational escort does. We chatted about his specific needs as each experience is customized.

At the store we picked up enough food and wine to last us the weekend. He chose the extended experience and added an additional night to our first meeting. We only planned one meal outside of the cabin. For the rest of the meals, I cooked, while he wrote.

We worked together on scheduling writing time, setting goals and milestones to stay on track. I had worksheets available for him to organize his book, his thoughts and his goals. At this time, he is on the right track to making his dreams come true.

At the end of our weekend, we spent time over coffee formulating a plan to stay motivated until we met again. His plan included bonus sexy photos via snapchat each time he accomplished another goal.

In between our in-person meetings, we had two zoom chats, lasting approximately one hour each. These chats are 100% PG as Zoom is not a safe space for sexiness. During our chat we check on progress and goal achievement.

He has one more experience, a dinner date, where will we go over his progress, check in on goals and decide how he is going to move forward without giving up on his dream. I cannot wait to see Mr. A again, see his story come to life and watch his eyes light up as he enjoys a bonus reward for all his hard work, me, naked in bed. 

Hiring a motivational escort can help you concentrate and achieve your goals.

Undoubtedly, hiring a writing coach, that is also a motivational escort, will activate you on a sensual level that can help you achieve your goals with excitement and encouragement to continue until you finish your book. 

Are you one of the 81% of Americans who have a story in you? I can help pull it out of you in the most erotic ways. Hire a motivational escort today and make your writing dreams come true. Learn more at