Muse – An Escort Experience

Muse is one of the many identities full service sex workers can offer. Each escort has their own list of experiences they offer, from a one’done quickie to a sensual muse to help you achieve your goals and more.

One of my favorite experiences I have adapted to my list of services is a writing muse.

I do a little bit of everything from help with brainstorming to outlining your book while keeping you motivated to finish your goals using the most sensual tactics in existence.

Your experience will be customized to you depending on your needs and goals.

My most recent client who hired me as their writing muse, chose a 15 minute zoom consultation where he identified his main writing goal. We chatted about different things he enjoyed or would like to try above and beyond the writing itself. We discussed questions like “what helps you relax?” and “what stimulates your mind?”. 

After our discussion I was able to form a plan for our first meeting. 

The setting he chose was a hotel room with a view and a mini fridge. For meals we would do delivery or go out, depending on our progress and what we would be in the mood for. He filled the mini-fridge with pepperoni and various cubed cheeses, Moscato wine for me and Merlot for him and a half dozen Fiji waters. On top of the mini fridge sat a small bag of Ghirardelli next to 2 wine glasses. 

After our greetings we both slipped into something more comfortable. I turned on some classical music and turned the lights down. He laid on the bed on top of towels and I oiled him up and rubbed him down. 

Now he was ready to work on his writing plan. He was ready to work on something else also…but what better motivation is there than wanting to get to the sexy parts? We devised our evening schedule and goals. Then we got naked. 

We ordered take-out for dinner and ate at a park picnic table. As we ate we discussed goals and what could lead him to fail. When we identify possible roadblocks in advance, we can devise ways to avoid or minimize those blocks. 

After dinner we sat at the picnic table for another hour and he wrote an outline while I developed a plan on how to avoid his roadblocks. Parts of the plan included motivation, in the sexiest forms, and parts of the plan included writing ideas. 

Gabrielle is sitting at a picnic table planning with her friend who is not pictured.
Gabrielle is enjoying planning with her friend. Hiring a sensual muse can motivate you in ways that will blow your mind.

Heading back to the hotel to enjoy some wine and more naked, sexy time. Followed by a little snuggling and chatting about writing sex scenes for his novel.

Will hiring a muse help you achieve your goals?

Everyone’s needs are different. Some people need motivation. While others need direction. Occasionally people need to prioritize their own self in their life. Sometime people just need a little encouragement. At times people need constructive criticism. Many people who want to write a book never make their dream come true for many reasons. My job is to find those reasons and suck them out of you. (Both figuratively and physically.)

Your sexy muse experience will be 100% customized to you. Discussing goals and talking about your budget will allow us to devise a plan that is perfect, just for you. 

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