Philadelphia Escort – Snacks Before His Snack

In 2019 I fell in love with my visits to Philly and decided to become a home-base Philadelphia escort.

I knocked on his door, and he was quick to answer. He led me to the kitchen where we grabbed a glass of wine and sat down to get to know each other. 

He had still sealed in the package cheeses and pepperoni sitting next to a box of club crackers. We snacked as we chatted over a cold glass of wine.

We mostly talked about travel and my adventures as a travel escort. I’ve been an escort from DC to an escort in Columbus to abs escort in Las Vegas and even an escort in San Diego. FMTY (fly me to you) experienced are one of my favorites, especially if it is to a destination I’ve yet to visit. I’ve traveled to 44 states and participated in escort tales in most of them. Being a Philadelphia escort is one of my favorites.

We shared our future luxury travel dreams. I want to sleep in an underwater hotel and see the northern lights, someday. Also, I want to experience outdoor excursions in the remaining 7 states I’ve yet to visit. 

After a refill on the wine, he was certainly ready for what was coming next. I stood up and invited him to bed. He grabbed my hand and followed me to enjoy his favorite snack of the evening.

Gabby is a Philadelphia escort who is climbing onto bed wearing a pair of plaid tight fitting business pants, and nothing else.

New experiences with new friends are amazing.

I love learning more about their experiences in life, love and their passions before we move to the bed for some new experiences of our own. Digging further into who my friends are is another level of intimacy I enjoy.

A snack and a glass of Moscato are the perfect accompaniment to our first in person, private conversation. It’s a good way to break the ice before we have even more fun. Let’s chat about our favorite wine choices when you book your experience.

Are you ready to experience something new for the first time with your next favorite Philadelphia escort? 

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