Philly Escort – Shopping Surprise

Philly Escort gets a shopping surprise!

I arrived for our overnight experience. He greeted me, his favorite Philly escort, with a kiss and then we discussed what our plan was. He had a few surprises for me that were unexpected. Before dinner we went shopping and he helped me find the perfect dress for our dinner and something sexy to wear for dessert. 

Gabby wearing a white dress with black print on it. Her hair is curled and a smile is above her white chunky bead necklace.
The perfect dress for a perfect experience.

We returned to the hotel for a little sexy time and then got ready for dinner. The dress was the perfect accompaniment to an already perfect date. We went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner before a nice long walk, hand in hand. Then we returned to the hotel for a second round of sexy time. 

Philly escort, Gabby, gets a delicious piece of smores cheesecake.
A sweet treat for a sweet Philly escort. S’mores cheesecake for the Cheesecake Factory makes the perfect before dessert, dessert.

I love getting new dresses and sexy bedroom attire. As a Philly escort, this is one of my favorite experiences. This was a surprise that was most certainly welcomed and appreciated. 

*Before you surprise your favorite provider with a shopping trip or any other surprises, make sure you know it is ok. My experience was with a friend I’ve seen many times before. The first time he took me shopping, he asked if it was okay, first. Ask for favorite stores or brands. Personally I am a fan of Ross, T.J. Maxx and similar discount stores. I don’t wear the same clothes often enough to buy more than a few expensive staple pieces, which I already own. 

There are many ways you can shop with your favorite provider:

  • Take us shopping
  • Send us a gift card/extra cash before your experience
  • Purchase from our wishlist
  • Purchase a recurring subscription shipment from IPSY similar beauty product companies
  • Purchase a spa pass for a massage, salt room therapy or other body care services
  • Purchase nail or hair gift cards (Make sure you check for favorites, many of us like the same technician to work on our nais/hair.)

The options are endless if you want to spoil your Philly escort above an beyond the minimum experience. 

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