A Sexy Gift is a Perfect Addition to Our Date

A sexy gift is a favorite from both returning friends as well as new friends. As an escort I love Philadelphia for many reasons but above all, it is because of the amazing friends I meet in the area. Most Philly friends surprise me with cards, gifts, chocolates, new toys and more. 

Meeting new friends can be exciting. I get to know their mind and their body. When they bring me a sexy gift, I get to know what they want to see on my sexy body.

2 hours is the perfect first date with a new friend. We get to know each other, then we get to know each other naked. It’s long enough to establish if we have chemistry. It’s long enough to know if we should meet again and again and again. 

Philly Flowers and A Sexy Gift or Two

I knocked on the door, he answered, we embraced, kissed and he grabbed my hand and said “come with me”.

Often a new friend surprises me with a sexy gift, flowers, candies, gift cards and more. You only get one chance to make a good impression, right? My new friend went over the top, and I loved it.

He guided me to the living room where I saw flowers, in vases, on every surface that could hold a vase. Each vase was filled with colorful flowers. I counted them, there were 5 vases that held beautiful flower arrangements. 

On the coffee table, next to a vase, sat a gift bag. 

We sat down, he poured me a glass of wine. 

He was interested in my world travels. I shared a little, he shared a little. I found a new adventure that I want to experience, the hot air balloon festival in Colorado Springs. Hot air balloons are magnificent; I’ve been on a hot air balloon adventure just outside Barcelona in 2016. Although I’ve never been to a hot air balloon festival, it is now on my bucket list. 

After our travel conversation, he slid the bag towards me. Inside I found Godiva chocolate, an Amazon gift card and not one sexy gift, but two: a lacy, black, sexy bodysuit and a red mesh sexy bodysuit.

Thanking him with a kiss, we retreated to his bedroom for a private viewing of my new sexy gift. I chose the black bodysuit, changed and then met him on the bed. He sat, waiting for me, ready to give me a massage. Starting with my back, he worked his way around my new lacy, black, sexy gift, and down to my legs, not forgetting to show extra attention to my cheeks. When I turned over, he admired me, kissed me and then removed my new sexy gift before he massaged my front.

Gabby sits on the bed in a black, lacy bodysuit, a sexy gift given to Gabby for her date.
Gabby sits on the bed in a black, lacy bodysuit, a sexy gift given to her from her date.

Before I left, he told me the flowers were for me, I could take all of them. How sweet. I couldn’t possibly travel with all of the flower arrangements so I picked my favorite and kissed him goodbye. 

Hiring an escort is about more than the bedroom parts. Many of my friends enjoy speaking my love languages and gifting me with a surprise or two from my wishlist. In fact, many times the sexy outfit I bring never makes it on my body because my friends love surprising me with sexy gifts and enjoy watching me model them for our intimate time together. We connect on many levels, taking our sexual time together to the next level.

When we connect with both our mind as well as our body, the possibilities are endless.

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