Travel Companion Harrisburg to Philadelphia

A travel companion experience can include day trips, overnights, weekends away and week plus long vacations. There is so much to do and explore, the sky is the limit. Talk to your travel companion about your dreams or let your companion plan the perfect adventure for the two of you. My most recent experience was one day, no overnight, just a fun filled adventurous day.

We met for lunch to work out details for his travel companion experience. Next week we would meet at the Amtrak train station and start our travel journey to Philadelphia, together.

The trip is just short of 2 hours. During the train trip we chatted, laughed, kissed a little and got to know each other better.  We talked about hobbies and favorite travel destinations. We quietly discussed our plans once we reached Philadelphia. The remainder of the ride we flirted and began to get excited about our soon to be alone time.

We arrived in Philadelphia and took a Lyft to a nearby rental room. Once in the room we took some time to freshen up. Then the fun began. We explored each other and and then snuggled for a while.

After we were finished in the room, we grabbed dinner at The Post, right down the street from the train station. I had a Post Burger with bacon, munster cheese, caramelized and crispy onions. Yummy.

We then went back to the train station and he waited with me until my train came. 

Gabby is on a train for her travel companion experience from Harrisburg to Philadelphia.
Travel Companion experiences are so much fun.

A travel companion doesn’t always mean we do several nights to an alluring location. Sometimes it is simply getting to know your now favorite Harrisburg or Philadelphia escort on a deeper level, both inside and outside of the bedroom. Are you ready to get to know me on a deeper level?

Let’s chat about your travel companion dreams.