A Tryst as Old as Time

Your first romantic tryst with an escort is special. That exciting feeling of meeting someone new and exploring their body is second best to playing with someone you are intimately familiar with. 

Of course, I love regular friends. Getting to know your body, what turns you on, what makes you rise to the occasion, what makes your eyes roll back into your head… Knowing someone over and over on an intimate level provides for an exciting and memorable experience. 

A Late Birthday Tryst with a Long-time Friend

We have known each other for several years. Each encounter has been different and unique in their own ways. From hot and steamy, multi-hour bedroom fun to dinner and drinks and everything in-between, we know each other well. 

For my birthday, he said it was all about me… and he literally meant that.

He had my favorite drinks waiting, ice cold Fiji water and Moscato wine with a few snacks. Bath and Body lavender massage oil and Dr Teals lavender bubble bath sat on the nightstand, letting me know what type of evening it was going to be. 

He asked me to get comfortable and lay on the bed. I happily obliged. Warming the massage oil in his hands before placing them on my body, he gave me a full body massage. Starting with the back and ending with the front. 

After my relaxing massage, he pulled a chair next to the bed to give me a massage in a more intimate sense. 

Literally an hour later, my legs shaking, he snuggled up next to me and lightly rubbed my back. He excused himself and disappeared into the bathroom. I heard the bath water running. He rubbed me down with bubbles and when I was finished he lotion’ed me up. In addition to all of this spoiling, he took me to dinner.

Bubble bath with a face mask, eye mask, loofa and beverages were ready for Gabby’s bath after an intimate tryst.

Above all, our tryst was all about me, start to finish centered my wants, needs and desires. After getting to know each other over time, he was able to devise an experience for me, knowing exactly what I needed to rest and relax. 

Regular Friends Make the Best Experiences

The excitement of meeting a known friend for another romantic rendezvous is an experience everyone should know. When your known friend is an escort, that usually removes the complications of dating and allows for an exciting intimate experience that allows you to get closer to your friend and explore outside of the typical sensual encounter. 

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