Two Hour Escort Experience

The two hour escort experience is my favorite for new friends. We get to know each other on a deeper level, both physically and mentally. This experience allows just enough time to connect and see if we are compatible for future encounters. 

Two Hours with a Sweet Treat:

He came down to the parking lot to greet me and carry my bag up to his hotel room. After we were inside the room, we kissed. A kiss that lingered leaving us both wanting more. 

Gabby is wearing a sexy dress in anticipation of her two hour escort experience.

While I freshened up, he got comfortable and laid on the bed ready for me. I met him on the bed, in a sexy bodysuit. As soon as I laid next to him the kissing continued.

By the time we were finished with the sexy parts, we were both out of breath. I snuggled against his chest and we laid there, in silence for several minutes. He lightly scratched my back while I rubbed his chest. We enjoyed each others energy in silence.

After freshening up, we sat naked on the bed conversing about our favorite outdoor adventures. 

Two hour escort experiences are my favorite for new friends. As soon as we embrace, we can usually get a good idea of how our chemistry fits with each other as well as how our physical connection works. Before, or after, our sexy time we have a little bit to chat and see how our conversation flows. Generally it’s the perfect amount of time for a first experience with a new friend. 

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