Wax Play Experience

Wax play is something I absolutely love to explore with known friends. Venturing into the kinky fantasies of friends I’ve spent time with is always a great experience. 

Before I will indulge in the kinky side of my friends, we must have an established relationship. Some kinks don’t require much previous time together, other kinks require a deep understanding of my play partner. 

Wax play is an experience we can have on our second meeting together. It requires little more than the basic knowledge of how my friend and I interact in an intimate setting. 

It’s good to learn everything you can about the specific kinks you are interested in. Safety and consent are important when delving into kinky scenarios. Equally important is the education on the specific kink to ensure the safety of your play partner as well as mutual satisfaction. 

Special Time Exploring with a Friend

We have known each other for several months. Our sensual experiences together are always phenomenal. He wanted to dip his toe into the wonderful world of kink and explore to see what turned him on as well as what plunged him deeper into mental enjoyment and relaxation. With each friend the goals and also the kinks will vary depending on each friend’s desires and curiosities. 

At our last meeting, over dinner we discussed the possibilities of exploration. He wanted to be restrained, however this form of kink for someone with little experience in the practice can be extreme. Instead of jumping off the deep end, we decided to start slow and eventually work our way up to restraints. 

Wax play was the perfect place to start for him. 

I arrived at his house and set up my paraffin wax gear. It takes a while for the wax to melt, so in the meantime we retreated to the kitchen and had a cup of coffee. It was late morning and I never like to indulge in sexy time with a full stomach. Instead of lunch, we opted for snacks that would satiate us without that heavy feeling of a meal. Cotton candy grapes, fresh mozzarella cheese and pepperoni worked perfectly. 

An hour later, our wax was almost ready.

Being that it was his first time experiencing wax play, I oiled him up first to make removal of the wax easier especially with a hairy chest. Rubbing his body down with baby oil would assure the easy removal of the wax when we were finished. (Please keep in mind that baby oil is not conducive with condom use, and any oil remaining in those hard areas should be washed off with soap and water before a condom is used.) 

After I finished rubbing down his body, stopping occasionally to tease him, it was time for our wax play experience. I started out with a spoon full of wax on his chest. He liked the sensation. Using different instruments to paint his chest, stomach and legs, I spent close to 30 minutes on my human canvas. 

Paraffin wax doesn’t get hot enough to burn the body. You can definitely feel the heat during wax play, without potential burns that can be harmful.

I spread hot wax all over his chest then immersed my hands into the wax so I could rub him down. I don’t divulge the spicy details in my blogs, but let’s just say for round one the oil and wax made for a great hand experience.

After we were finished, I peeled the wax from his body and washed him in the shower. It wasn’t long before we were back in bed, cuddling. 

Our experience lasted several hours and when we were out of energy and starving, we grabbed an early dinner and discussed our wax play experience and what he wanted to explore next. 


Gabby is smiling after a wax play experience
Wax play can be exciting.